My Life is a thank you to….

My Creator for making me a part of his creation, blessing my spirit and kindling my soul.

My Parents who tended me, nurtured me with their love and values, to make me, who I am.

My Teachers Pt. Amar Nath, Amarjeet Kaur, Pt. Chandra B. Sharma and Surinder Singh Sarni, who tuned me, taught me, mended me, shaped me and prepared me, to sing and compose.

My Master Jagjit Singh, whom I grew up listening to, in the warmth and comfort of my mother’s embrace. Soulfully He still exists and continues to inspire me to create simple, melodious compositions.

My Family for standing by me, after I lost my mother at a very tender age, during my growing up years, my coming to America and the struggle to survive that came with it!

My Friends in Delhi and USA, for cheering me to sing and buying me countless cups of tea in the college canteen and cafeteria, just to listen to me sing, their favorite song!

My Wife and Kids for enduring with me, supporting me in high and low tides, comforting me yet encouraging me constantly, to sing, again and again!

My Audience, the avid listeners, who spare their precious, time to listen, appreciate and critique my renderings. Thank you all, I love you!





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